Who Are We?

We are a Masonic Association of fraternal Brothers, representative of the three principal Officers of each particular Masonic Lodge in Hillsborough County. Our membership is made of good and moral men, working together toward a common goal of light and truth. There are 17 Lodges within the Districts of 22 and 23, we'll help find one close to you.

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What Do We Do?

The primary purpose of Masters and Wardens is to assist the Masonic Lodges within our districts in all matters of the fraternity, philanthrophy, direction, planning, education, and support. Our flagship charity is the Masonic Home of Florida in St. Petersburg.

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2017 Masters & Wardens Calendar

The 2017 Masonic calendar is presented by the Masters and Wardens Association of Hillsborough County. The calendar is a fantastic representation of all Lodges within the 22nd and 23rd Masonic Districts of Florida. It includes veiws of each Lodge from the East, meeting times of each Lodge within the District, important Masonic dates and nationally recognized holidays. The clanedar is a primary fund raiser for Masters & Wardens.


The Grand Master

Most Worshipful Steven P. Boring Grand Lodge of Florida
Most Worshipful Stanley L. Hudson
Grand Master of Masons
of the State of Florida