Masonic Education

As Masons, we are taught to seek truth and light in all things, more especially the ancient art of the Craft and our Fraternity. Throughout the Masonic year, there are plenty of opportunities to further your knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry by attending District Schools of Instruction, Zone Schools of Instruction, and Masonic Leadership Training. Each of these instructional schools will help you to gain knowledge in proper Lodge operation, floor work, stated communications, degree work and lectures, Masonic etiquette, and Lodge Officer training.

District School of Instruction

District Schools of Instruction are directed to teach Brothers how to properly perform ritual work in any chair of the Lodge in all three degrees. In addition, emphasis is concentrated on Lodge business, including balloting, reception of the District Deputy Grand Master, opening and closing the Lodge, and much more. District Schools of Instruction are open only to Masters Masons in good standing, and do require a current dues card to be presented. The schools are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month. For specific dates, times, and location, please view our calendar.



Zone School of Instruction

Zone Schools of Instruction provide a much more detailed practice with regard to the ritual and esoteric work of the Degrees. As a Master Mason, you will be given the opportunity to review the written books and fine tune your skills in any part of the degrees, lectures, charges, prayers, or open and closing. The District Instructor and other Gold Card Brothers are available to help and assist in the practice of your work. Zone Schools are announced in advance, which you may view on our calendar.



Masonic Leadership Training

Masonic Leadership Training is a new program that was started in 2010 by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Florida. It is a concentrated program directed at all current and future Officers of particular Lodges. It's aim is to prepare all Brothers interested in becoming Lodge Officers by providing them with insight, proper Lodge operating procedures, presentations by current and past Officers, question and answer sessions, and review of the Digest of Masonic Law of Florida. Masonic Leadership Training is available to all Master Masons in good standing, and all current Officers are strongly encouraged to attend. Masonic Leadership Training is announced in advance, which you may view on our calendar.